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Tom Cappello has been on the forefront of everything innovative and creative for the last 32 years in the restaurant industry.


In November 1977, Tom opened his first pizza operation in Runnemeade, NJ  with a partner.

          Two years later, he bought his partner out of the business which was steeped in debt.  Working for six months without a day off, Tom cleared the debt and returned the business to a regular cash flow with all of my vendors.


           In 1980, he opened a pizza operation in Seaside Heights that had been sold five times in the previous five years.  In his first year he had doubled the gross sales from the previous year!!


          In 1983 Tom opened Kupper’s French Fries and Made in Italy also in Seaside Heights, NJ.  Both were huge successes, using 5000 pounds of potatoes and 700 pound of flour each week!!!


          In 1992, The Staten Island Mall had 25 stores in the food court that couldn’t sell a thing.  Tom was intrigued at two stores in particular, South Philly Steak and Fries, and The Brooklyn Bagel Deli.  Within six months he convinced the landlords to a 50% reduction in rent with the promise that he could turn these two stores around. 

          After 1 ½ years Tom was doing so well that the Mall had him audited.  They couldn’t believe he had tripled the gross revenue in these locations.


          After seven years at the Mall, Tom decided that he was done paying rent and it was time to own his own building. 


          Tom had been to Red Bank years before, and was overwhelmed by the potential that he saw.  He immediately contacted Mayor Ed McKenna, who was gracious enough to talk to Tom about bringing an Italian restaurant into Red Bank.  On November 1, 1999 Tom purchased the property housing Ludwig’s Delicatessan and Minuteman Press at 8-10 Wallace St.  He completely gutted Ludwig’s delicatessen to create an open air kitchen.  Tom wanted an open air kitchen so that our customers could see how hard we worked at creating their meals.  Nine months later, on July 17, 2000 the doors to Gaetano’s were opened. 


          After working out every detail in the menu, and every foreseeable issue in the dining room, Tom had his restaurant the way he wanted it!! After four years of building a solid customer base, in November of 2004 he completely redid the new room, former home of Minuteman Press.


          Tom strives to maintain many goals to separate Gaetano’s from other restaurants:

·        Commitment to excellence

·        Research;  they are always looking to learn about new and exciting developments in the restaurant industry, as shown by their new Gluten Free Menu

·        Quality of Food;  you will always find the freshest ingredients in all of our meals

·        Homemade Pasta and Sauce

·        Online Market to ship their products anywhere in the country

·        Donations to local charities and organizations



Please feel free to contact Tom at anytime with any questions you have, no matter how small.  He will do the best to accommodate you.

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