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We have officially launched our new menu at Gaetano’s!  To view a printable version click the link below.  This is also a more user friendly version of the menu for cell phones and tablets.

——————–>Gaetano’s Dinner Menu!!!

Primi Piatte


Porcini Ravioli                                $9

filled with porcini mushrooms in light brandy demi-glace                                                                                          


Stuffed Mushrooms                       $10

stuffed with chicken, scallions,  parmigiano cheese, bread crumbs in a roasted garlic cream sauce                                   


Grilled Octopus                            $13     

fingerling potatoes, arugula, garlic, lemon, olive oil


Clams & Calamari Marechiara  $12                     

light pink sauce


Fresh Mozzarella                           $10      

vine ripe tomatoes, roasted peppers, basil, olive oil                                                                     


Eggplant Rollantini                        $9

baked, stuffed with ricotta, prosciutto, parmigiano, topped w/ mozzarella, tomato basil sauce


Fried Calamari                              $13

marinara sweet or spicy


Calamari Calabrese                    $15

fried, tossed in spicy Mediterranean caponata sauce, sided by pesto oil flat bread


Mussels                                          $11

w/ garlic focaccia

     *red or white


Beef Braciola                                $12

stuffed with frittata broccoli rabe, prosciutto,

tomato white wine, sided by ricotta


From the Market

    Fresh Pasta                                $5

    Flavored Pasta                          $6

    Gluten Free Pasta                     $5

    Homemade Ravioli                  $6-10

    Homemade Sauces                 $7-8

    Herb Infused Olive Oil              $13

    Hot Herb Infused Olive Oil       $15

    Balsamic Glaze                        $6

    Raspberry Dressing                  $6

Brick Oven Pizza


Margherita                               $16

fresh mozzarella, plum tomatoes, olive oil,

parmigiano, basil


Bianco                                       $16

fresh mozzarella, ricotta, parmigiano, olive oil


Soppresatta                              $18

Soppress ata, fresh mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes, Calabrian chili’s, dollops of ricotta


Arugula                                     $18

topped w/ fresh arugula salad, fresh mozzarella, San Marzano tomatoes, shaved parmigiano, truffle oil


Cimi de Rabe                           $18

broccoli rabe, garlic, fresh mozzarella, parmigiano, plum tomatoes, olive oil

Add Sausage $2




Beet Salad                               $11

arugula, goat cheese, olive oil, balsamic reduction, shaved  parmigiano


Mixed Field Greens                 $7

vine ripe plum tomatoes, oil cured olives, shaved parmigiano, balsamic vinaigrette


Caesar Salad                           $8

garlic croutons, shaved parmigiano

Add Chicken $4


Frutti Di Mare                            $14

calamari, shrimp, mussels, clams,  green & kalamata olives, lemon, olive oil vinaigrette


Pear and Gorgonzola             $10

field greens, raspberry vinaigrette




Lobster Bisque                          $9

shrimp garnish


Zuppa di Scarola                      $8

escarole, garlic, cannellini beans, chicken broth





Fettuccine al Salmone              $24

smoked salmon, peas, parsley, fresh cream

Penne a la Vodka                    $18

pancetta, onions, tomato basil cream sauce

      Add Chicken $4

      Add Shrimp    $6


Spinach & Potato Gnocchi      $21

butter and sage


Whole Wheat Cappellini          $25

shrimp, lump crab meat, spinach, garlic, plum tomatoes, white wine sauce


Lobster Ravioli                           $25

w/ shrimp, baby spinach, tomato basil cream sauce

      Half Portion $12


Rigatoni Bolognese                   $19

traditional Italian meat sauce, shaved parmigiano


Shrimp Risotto                            $24

baby spinach, fresh plum tomatoes, lemon, garlic, white wine

Fusilli Amatriciana                      $23

shrimp, pancetta, onions, garlic, basil in a fresh plum tomato

Linguini and Clams                    $24

garlic, parsley

     *red or white


Seafood Pomodoro                   $25

calamari, mussels, clams, shrimp, pancetta, kalamata olives, onions, plum tomatoes, cappellini


Shrimp Fra Diavolo                    $24

sautéed w/ Calabrian chili’s, roasted garlic, white wine tomato sauce, over linguini




Secondi Piatti


Chicken Scarpariello                    $23

bone in chicken, sausage, peppers, potatoes, garlic, onions, w/ red vinegar demi-glace


Chicken Oreganata                            $22

seasoned breadcrumbs, parmigiano cheese, baked with white wine, butter, fresh basil, lemon juice


Short Ribs                                        $25                  

over parpadella


Grilled Ribeye                                $25

topped w/ gorgonzola cheese, caramelized onions, balsamic demi-glace


Lamb Osso Buco                           $28

slow braised shank, tomato demi-glace, parpadella pasta


Veal Valdostana                          $26

prosciutto, roasted red peppers and mozzarella in a white wine demi-glace  


Veal Milanese                               $26

over arugula, red onions, sliced plum tomatoes, balsamic vinaigrette


Veal Sorrentino                              $26

fried eggplant, prosciutto, fresh mozzarella

w/ light tomato white wine sauce


Roasted Tilapia                             $23

Spinach, fingerling potatoes, garlic lemon aioli


Pan-Seared Salmon Cremini       $24

shallots, cremini mushrooms, spinach, roasted red peppers and garlic in a lemon, butter, white wine sauce   


Grilled Ahi Tuna                             $23     

  julienne spinach, calabrian peppers, lemon, white wine, butter


Blackened Fish (Market)     

over baby greens



Side Pasta    $5    Broccoli Rabe     $9

Roasted Potatoes    $3     Spinach, Garlic and Oil     $7

Parmigiano Risotto   $7


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