Located in Red Bank, NJ

Dessert Menu

Dark Chocolate Cake  7

Two layers of moist chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting

New York Style Cheesecake  8

Sweetened cream cheese and sour cream cake with graham cracker crust, garnished with peach coulis

Tiramisu  7.50

Espresso soaked ladyfingers layered with mascarpone, whipped cream, zabaglione, and rum

Zabaglione   7.50

Italian sweet cream layered with fresh strawberries, and crisp ladyfingers

Pignoli Cookies  6.50

Served with fresh whipped cream

Affogato  7

Single espresso poured over vanilla ice cream, topped with whipped cream

Crème Brulee [GF]  7

Sweet custard topped with caramelized sugar

Vesuvius Cake  7.50

Dark chocolate brownie cake topped with layers of caramel, and cheesecake, topped with chocolate mousse

Chocolate Peanut Butter Ice Cream Cake  7.50

Fudge and tiny peanut butter cups sit atop chocolate and peanut butter ice cream in a chocolate cookie crust

Tartufo  6

Orange and cherry center, surrounded by vanilla and chocolate ice cream, with a chocolate shell

Cannoli  5

Fresh Strawberries with Whipped Cream [GF]  5

Gelato  [GF]   7

Hazelnut or Pistachio

Nasto’s Vanilla Ice Cream [GF]   6




Espresso      $2.00                                                

Double Espresso   $3.00                                        

Cappuccino      $5.00                                                  

Café Latte     $3.50                                               

Iced Coffee            $1.75                                         

Coffee, Tea            $1.25 


International Teas: $2.00 Each



Earl Grey

Green Tea


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